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Update from Shawnee-Walker Transmission Line Project Information Session

Shawnee-Walker Transmission Line Project Update:

Here are responses to some of the questions posed at last week's meeting.  First Energy is still compiling responses to additional questions but wanted to address the high priority concerns. Additionally, they are reaching out to the Commissioners on scheduling an open house where the additional concerns can be addressed, property owners can talk to technical staff, and give other residents additional information.

Allegedly the company planned a similar project in 2018 to the west of the existing line that was canceled, why was this project canceled and moved to its present path? In the early stages of the project, the original proposed route was identified to cross through state game lands, Delaware River gap, and conservation lands. Our siting and real estate team discovered a new route that avoided these sensitive areas while providing additional benefits to all parties. The new route utilizes an existing corridor in the region which will reduce the impact to the geographical footprint of the existing utility in the area. In addition, the new route has significantly reduced project cost which provides a downstream benefit to the ratepayers.

What is our process for negotiating with property owners and how soon will this begin? A vast majority of the transmission line route will not additionally impact the adjacent landowners because it will be contained within existing easements. In instances where this is not the case, or if additional rights are required, landowners can expect to be contacted during the 1st half of 2023.

If negotiating, who determines the value of the property? FirstEnergy will perform a PVO (property value opinion) which is a comparison of the land value in question to the land in the surrounding area. The value is stated in a "per acre" basis. Any offer would be based on this value and the area of the land proposed for acquisition.

Does the property map show homeowner’s property? The virtual open house for this project is still active. The public is able to enter their address to determine if the transmission line route is nearby. To access the Virtual Open House, click the link: Shawnee-Walker 69 kV Transmission Line Project Virtual Public Meeting - First Energy (

Can we provide (for the solicitor) Deed book and page # for our existing easements. We have a rights and restrictions review done that gives us date/book/page/original easement holder. Click here.

What is the total number of properties impacted (Rep. Probst) - There are approximately 230 impacted properties. Impacted is defined as the route passing through or alongside their property. Of these 230 properties, there are only 9 parcels in which the proposed route doesn't utilize existing easements. Of these 9 parcels, there are only 5 residential landowners potentially impacted by the negotiation of new easements.

What is the schedule for the vegetation management? The full scope of what the project will require in terms of initial vegetation management is still under development, pending the results of the design engineering phase. Routine tree clearing is on a 5 year frequency.

 Regarding the existing ROW, will we tear down and rebuild some infrastructure to add to poles or build on top of existing infrastructure. Both conditions exist. There are instances where we will be building the transmission line in parallel to existing distribution poles, and other instances where the existing distribution pole will be removed, and the distribution line built under the transmission line on a shared structure.


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