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Official Policy Statement re Del Twp activities during weather-related events

Official Policy Statement regarding Delaware Township Road Department activities during winter or other weather-related events.

In accordance with commonwealth statutes and compliance with the Township’s promulgated emergency operations plan, Delaware Township Public Works (road department) equipment and employees are only authorized to enter any private community or development in direct support of responding emergency services- fire department, ambulance corps or state police, to an incident dispatched by Pike County Public Safety for the sole purpose of assisting in providing access to or egress from the emergency scene for emergency vehicles and personnel responding, or as requested by the emergency service officer in charge or the incident commander via established radio communication or cell phone.

All community associations, boards and members should be reminded that these are the only times and conditions under which Municipal resources are permitted to operate within private property or on Commonwealth or Federal Roads, regardless of weather or other circumstances, as part of the adopted “emergency operations plans”, compliant with Federal and State NIMS (National Incident Management System) directives. Commonwealth statutes relating to the assumption of liability for 2nd class townships and employees, prohibit any actions outside of these adopted policies. Residents who call 911 and request assistance for any valid emergency, fire, medical, etc. can be assured that a comprehensive response from all appropriate agencies will be initiated, however, even during “declared disaster emergencies” the responsibility for ongoing road maintenance, hazard or debris removal during any phase of a disaster remains with the property owner or community association.


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