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Board of Supervisors statement re DTVAC

Board of Supervisors statement dated 1/9/19

A lot of research has been happening, and we have been working hard to get information and our questions answered. Emergency medical services problems here, throughout our county and our state are not simple ones. Many of these problems are beyond the capability of our one township to solve.

We have been part of a multi-municipality group seeking to have ALS in a responsible way. 

One township cannot provide ALS/paramedics to all the county or even a part of the county.  For the roughly 2 in 10 calls requesting ALS service...that leaves that our township unprotected for all the other 8 out of 10  "BLS/911" calls in our township. That places an unacceptable burden on our township's emergency medical response capabilities - as well as on other townships' ambulances being called to help our residents.

We want to help move our ambulance service toward greater reliability without increasing risk of less response to our "911" calls.

In working to have good ambulance service here in Delaware Township... we have asked lots of questions. Many remain unanswered. At this time, DTVAC's focus seems to be on something that leads to its continual struggle - both financially and regarding personnel.

We cannot tell DTVAC what to do.   As best we can - and according to our current laws and regulations - we want to ensure services are provided, including appropriate levels of financial and administrative help. We have money set aside in a budget. Importantly, we have the responsibility to do more than hand over money.

Learning about DTVAC's financial difficulties, having public discussions about the difficulties of having volunteers, watching the decisions being made by the DTVAC board... we can only continue to seek answers to our questions...What's the plan? What has changed? Give us - give all us -information.

In any decisions we make, we want to do our best for all our residents. We hold having emergency responder services and those who work to give them in the highest regard.  Our responsibility is not to issue a blank check without us insuring that our taxpayer money is going to better the situation and move things toward something that will be sustainable.

And, with that in mind, to find and make every effort we can.


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