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State of Emergency Declared in Delaware Township

March 3, 2018

The Delaware Township Board of Supervisors along with the Delaware Township Emergency Coordinator, George Beodeker have declared a State of Emergency.

Travel throughout the township is limited and dangerous due to down trees and powerlines.  Travel should be restricted to only essential services/personnel.  Utilities are estimated to be restored in 7-10 days.  Stay inside and keep warm. 

Only residents with a true emergency should call 911. Currently, the township phone lines are out of service.  Do not attempt to call the township for information or with concerns.  The Delaware Township Volunteer Fire Company can be reached by phone at (570) 828-2223, however, the facility is not staffed 24 hours and should not be contacted for requests such as fuel, food, or access.  Both the fire company and the township do not maintain those supplies, and will not have accurate information as to where they can be found.

The township municipal hall located at 116 Wilson Hill Road, will be open beginning tomorrow, Sunday, March 4, 2018 from 9am to 4pm as a warming center and everyday thereafter as needed.  No transportation or food will be provided.


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